Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh No Charlie's Gon Wild.Again

Well, I know you can tell how Charlie acts and some times his co - co crazy! Opa or known as my papa at least I know how to pronounce it right in German.  He had a great time in South Carolina.He even brought back shells,sand,clams, oyster,and pictures of gators. And papa was there 7 days.We now have a  playground and Charlie loves it.I love my home!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The 5 Smiths

Smith 1, Dowlan or my dad. is strong, can build well and is good at being late.Smith 2, Gretchen or my mom.Warm, nice and can make things mamafied.Smith 3,Dixie or my sister, is strong, funny and likes art. Smith 4, Melody known as me, tries to be good, loves God and loves to read. Smith 5, Charlie or my brother. He loves green, wants all the Hot Wheels, and has autism.

That's all the Smiths!

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Fish And Snail

  We  have  3 zebras  fish  2  tiger  fish  and  1  snail.  Its  like  counting  backwards  but  you  could  do it    different.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Melody blogged.

I swear, it's her idea. And I only help her with the spelling.


\\At   school   sometimes   we   go   to   reading   groups  in  the   morning.  Sometimes  we  do   not.  We   do   Saxon Phonics.  We   read.  Then    we   do   math.   Then   we   read    for  about  a    minute. Then    we    have    lunch.  Then   we   go   to  recess.   Then    we    go   in   side  and   read  and   do  AR .  I   think   we  do  it    for     two  and   a  half   minutes.   Then   we   have   in   side   recess.   We   have   Legos,   Lincoln  Logs, puzzles,   and   geometric  shapes.  Sometimes   we   get   our  folders   before  any  of  these   things. Sometimes   we   do   not. That   is   not  very  often  at   all.   Next   we  probably   have   writer's workshop  or   my  teacher  reads  to  us.  Sometimes   we     draw   a   picture.    Finally,  its   time  to go!   
I  stand   at   the  wall. Whew,  what  a   long   day!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lacka .

Well  folks  lacka   is     a     word     in   fact    lacka    mite    be         the    new    /  est     word  in    the    whole world.   do    you    whant     to      now       what    lacka   means     OK      it       means     everything.    there     I   told       you.

Friday, August 20, 2010

charlie cannot spell

it was time to have lunch. me and dixie were ready and our brother was not ready. he was looking at papa's medicine. it had some letters on it. these  letters s.m.t.w.t.f.s.  but my brother said .s.h.r.l.i.e.s